About Us

Sound Extracts LLC is an I502 Licensed Cannabis Processing Facility in Kitsap County, Washington State.

Born on Bainbridge Island, The Sound Extracts Team is a collaboration of professionals committed to helping companies produce premium quality cannabis products by providing the purest cannabinoid concentrations as the essential ingredient.  

Our Culture is Us!

We work to earn trust and respect by making sure our actions speak as loud as our words: we walk the talk and engage every endeavor with honest intent. 

We strive to remain on the cutting edge of technology through embracing creativity, change, risk, and an unending pursuit of knowledge. 

We operate open-minded and empathetic, making sure we are considerate of others when making business decisions. 

We do not make excuses, we accept and learn from our mistakes, we recognize our role and responsibility as an industry pioneer and we do not take our opportunity for granted. 

We are always ready to learn and spread our knowledge to empower people to make educated product choices.

We live and breath cannabis: We Are Extractioneers!